Following consultation with  Dr Ivan Muscat, Consultant Microbiologist & Deputy Medical Officer of health, the Jersey Dental Association has the following recommendations.

  • Any patients contacting the Practice with symptoms of COVID-19 - cough, difficulty in breathing, fever - should be advised to self isolate & not attend for their dental treatment
  • Practices should continue with their standard cross infection procedures in surgery - sterilisation of instruments, disinfection of surfaces, hand hygiene, safe disposal of sharps, disinfection of lab work/impressions, single use instruments (where possible), safe disposal/storage of clinical waste
  • Staff should continue to use Personal Protective Equipment - gloves, masks, eye protection
  • Practices should provide hand sanitiser to allow patients to carry out there own hand cleaning
  • Practices should regularly(every 2 hours) clean areas touched by patients - reception areas, door handles, door plates, surfaces, PDQ machines
  • If a staff member has symptoms of COVID-19 they should self isolate, there is no need for other staff to self isolate unless they also exhibit symptoms 

For more general & updated advice Practices should consult the website - "Advice for businesses on coronavirus (COVID-19)