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At Silver Fern Dental Practice, you can always rely on our Team to provide an exceptional service. We use the latest techniques available to give you the best quality of treatment possible and our Dr Baillon and his Team will ensure that you feel calm and relaxed throughout the entire process. Whether you require general dentistry, cosmetic procedures or hygiene services, you can be certain you’ll leave our practice with a smile. We are centrally located in St. Helier, near the General Hospitaland  we have street parking available right outside the door. We will always try our very best to fit you in on the same day for any emergency procedures. If you are experiencing any dental pain or problems, just get in touch and we can help.

Dr Peter Baillon BDS - GDC 69899

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About Our Practice

Our practice was established all the way back in 1855 at David Place, when Mr. Edward Ash, “Dentist of London”, travelled to Jersey. We purchased the practice in 2011 and gained a new location (27 The Parade, St Helier), but our timeless goal of providing excellent dental services to the residents of Jersey has remained the same. Today, we have extended our client base to even include gorillas, orangutans and aye-aye’s, who we treat free of charge at Durrell Zoo !

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Our Treatments

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We use the latest generation of strong and durable white bonded fillings. If you need fillings for your front teeth or back teeth, the aesthetic colour matched material we use will ensure your teeth look as good as new.

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Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Our cutting-edge 3D scanners allow us construct virtual models of teeth. Once our skilled technicians receive these digital models, they can craft beautiful crowns, bridges and veneers, to leave you with a perfect smile, every time.

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Our dentures look so natural it’s difficult to tell if patients are wearing them or not. Whether you need full or partial dentures, we can supply strong, functional, locally-made dentures using a full range of materials.

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If you want to gain straight front teeth without the appearance of braces, these “invisible” braces are the perfect choice for adults.

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For teeth that need to be completely replaced, we call upon our trusted colleagues who can provide titanium implants.

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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a safe, simple and effective procedure, with the capacity to completely transform your appearance. For a bright, white, yet natural smile, come and visit our friendly dentist in Jersey today.

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Gentle Extractions

We prioritise patients’ comfort at all times. So, you can be certain that for any tooth extraction, you will feel the minimum amount of discomfort, under our expert care.

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Root Fillings

When the nerve of a tooth dies, the dead tissue inside the tooth must somehow be removed. We can either extract the tooth or often, we can root-fill it. By thoroughly cleaning, shaping and filling the internal root canals we can save the tooth. We often crown these teeth afterwards for additional strength, to seal the root filling and to optimise the tooth's appearance.

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Hygienist Services

Hygiene Therapy ( Scale & Polish)

Our gentle and thorough hygienist Päivi, can show you exactly how to clean and maintain your mouth. This gives your teeth and gums the best chance of staying healthy, strong and attractive.

Päivi can help to treat preventable gum disease, with a simple or more extensive scale and polish.

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Don’t miss out on our unbeatable ‘Winter Whiteners’ offer! For just £275 you can receive full teeth whitening treatment, to ensure your teeth are white, bright and attractive throughout the winter. Please mention 'Silver Fern Whitening Offer' to our receptionist when enquiring.



Pension Plus Services

If you are aged 65 or over, you might be eligible for the States of Jersey to pay towards your dental treatment. So why not check with them and then give us a call, to get high-quality, professional dental services at a lower cost. 

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