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Introduction to Silver Fern Dental Practice

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments and services that cover all aspects of your dental health, hygiene and appearance. Your comfort, well-being and health always comes first, so you can have peace of mind that our dentist in Jersey will provide the highest quality of service possible, whilst ensuring you feel at ease at all times. 


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We use the latest generation of strong and durable white bonded fillings, which bond directly to the enamel and dentine of the teeth. If you need fillings for your front teeth, the aesthetic colour matched material we use will ensure your teeth look as good as new. For your back teeth, we use a stronger formulation of white filling material in order to be sure your teeth can endure the larger bite forces that are generated during chewing and grinding!

Our prices for fillings are 

  • One surface: £90
  • Two surfaces: £130
  • Three or more surfaces: £140-160
  • CEREC '3D Printed' Ceramic Fillings: £250-500 (depending on size and clinical time)

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Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Our cutting-edge 3D CEREC technology allows us to construct virtual digital models of teeth. Once our skilled technicians receive these models, they can craft beautiful crowns, bridges and veneers, to leave you with a perfect smile, every time.

Our prices for crowns, bridges and veneers are  

  • e.Max Crown (front or back tooth, 1-2 visits required): £700
  • Porcelain Crown (front or back tooth, 1-2 visits required): £700
  • Translucent Zirconia Crown (2 visits required): £700
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown(2 visits required): £700
  • Full gold crown (plus price of gold alloy, 2 visits required):  £700
  • Bridgework (per unit): £650
  • e.Max Porcelain Veneers (per unit) : £650

As you can see, our prices differ depending on precisely what procedure you need. So, why not pay us a visit to find out, so we can start helping you achieve healthy, strong, and attractive teeth

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Whether you need full or partial dentures, we can supply strong, functional, locally-made dentures, using a range of materials including chrome cobalt, acrylic of Valplast flexible materials. Our dentures are crafted by our skilled and experienced dental technicians; they look so natural it’s difficult to tell if patients are wearing them or not!

Our prices for dentures are  

  • Full upper and lower dentures: From £1300
  • One upper or lower full acrylic denture: From £700
  • Partial denture: £500-£800
  • Chrome Cobalt denture: £1500

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Special Offers

Winter Whiteners

For just £275 throughout the Summer, you can make use of our ‘Summer Whiteners’ tooth whitening offer, to achieve bright, white, natural looking teeth at a discount price!

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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a safe, simple way to achieve a natural looking, bright and white smile. Although the procedure is extremely straightforward, the highly effective and lasting results can transform your appearance entirely. 

Our prices for tooth whitening are 

  • Home Kit: £300
  • Opalescence “GO": £120 

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We perform all extractions whilst prioritising patients’ comfort at all times. You can relax in the knowledge that you will feel the minimum amount of discomfort possible, under the care of our expert dentist in Jersey.

Our prices for extractions are 

  • Gentle extraction: From £150
  • Complex extraction: From £170
  • Surgical extraction: From £200

As you can see, our prices depend on the nature of the procedure, so come and pay us a visit at Silver Fern Dental Practise to find out more.

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Root Fillings

When the nerve of a tooth dies the dead nerve must be removed. Root fillings enable the nerve to be removed, whilst keeping the tooth in the mouth, enabling front and back teeth to be saved. We often crown teeth afterwards for additional strength, sealing the root filling and optimising appearance.

Our pricing for root fillings are 

  • Anterior (front) tooth (2 visits required, £150/visit): £300 total
  • Premolar tooth (2 visits required, £200/visit): £400 total
  • Molar tooth (2 visits required, £300/visit): £600 total

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Hygiene Therapy

Our hygienist Päivi, is here to help make sure you are caring for your teeth in the best possible way.  Päivi will show you exactly how to clean and maintain your teeth, so that you can give your teeth and gums the best chance of staying healthy, strong and attractive. She will also deep-clean your mouth, also called a scale and polish, helping to limit any early damage that has been caused from plaque and calculus building up. 

Päivi is a very experienced and gentle hygienist. She trained in Finland, which is renowned for its high quality of dental education and innovation. She is extremely skilled treating nervous adults and children alike.

Our prices for hygienist therapy are  

  • Our pricing for Hygienist Therapy is from £70

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Our Equipment

The “Magic” Wand

We use a Computerised Anaesthetic Delivery System to provide pain-free dentistry using The Wand. This equipment enables us to deliver anaesthesia in a slow and comfortable manner, using a small hand piece that looks like a pen. By working at a low pressure and a slow rate, The Wand provides a much pleasanter experience than traditional methods used to deliver anaesthetics. 

Please note that because of the extra sundry costs, treatment with The Wand carries a small extra charge of £10.00 per treatment.

CEREC Omnicam CAD-CAM System

We can provide CEREC 3D printed crowns, fillings, bridges and veneers on site, using this cutting-edge computer aided design software. For you, this means maximal comfort, as we can avoid unnecessary injections and impressions, perform less drilling, and take less time out of your busy schedule.

The results are aesthetic, perfectly fitting, made-to-measure crowns, veneers and bridges. We craft these using a number of different modern ceramic materials, including E-max (lithium disilicate), zirconia and porcelain, so our restorations are metal-free, yet remain incredibly strong.

We always try to maximise patients’ comfort and convenience, which is why we were the first dental practice in the Channel Islands to invest in and use the Omnicam system.

Treatments with Bespoke Prices


For adults with crooked teeth, Invisalign is the perfect solution for gaining straight front teeth, without the appearance of braces. These “invisible” braces can help you achieve the perfect smile in no time.

Please contact us to arrange a friendly consultation with our dentist in Jersey to hear more about our pricing for this treatment.


For teeth that need to be completely replaced, we call upon our trusted colleagues who can provide titanium implants.

Our prices for implants vary, so please contact us for a quote if you believe this treatment is right for you.


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