Dentistry at Durrell Zoo

Some Very Special Patients

At Silver Fern Dental Practice, we provide a vast range of treatments to fulfill all your dental needs. In addition to our amicable dentist in Jersey, we also have a friendly, highly-skilled hygienist, who can scale and polish your teeth and help shield you from gum disease. Our treatments include cosmetic procedures, like tooth whitening, as well as general dentistry services like tooth extraction and provision of root fillings or dentures, that are always performed with your comfort in mind. However, these dental services are not offered to humans exclusively! Every so often, we leave our practice in St. Helier to take a trip to Durrell Zoo, where we treat slightly hairier patients than usual who don’t pay us any fees!

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Durrell Zoo

Durrell Zoo is located four miles north of St Helier, in the Parish of Trinity. They perform invaluable conservation work by partnering with organizations all over the world, in order to save vulnerable species from extinction. At the zoo, their ultimate aim is conservation. So, they manage breeding programmes, with the goal of releasing species back into the wild and they seek to educate their staff and visitors about conservation practices.

Durrell Zoo




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Our Friends at the Zoo

We are privileged to be partnered with the Veterinary Team at Durrell Zoo, so if our ape cousins need help from a human dentist, we’re always happy to help, free of charge. We have been involved in a number of cases which have included orangutans, gorillas and an Aye-aye! Don’t worry, you won’t bump into any apes at the practice, we treat them all at the zoo!

Orangutan Dentistry

Our first patient at Durrell Zoo, was Gina the elderly Sumatran orangutan, in 2014. We worked on Gina under a general anaesthetic and she made an excellent recovery from the dental procedures. Sadly, Gina was very elderly at the time, with additional heart and kidney problems. So, although she died a few months later, we felt privileged to be able to make the rest of her life a little bit more comfortable

We have since performed dental work on two more orangutan clients, Jiwa and Dogu. We look forward to helping more of their brethren in the future!

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Gorilla Tooth Extraction

An experience our dentist in Jersey will surely never forget, is performing a tooth extraction on a gorilla named Khalila! We had someone watching to make sure Khalila stayed asleep throughout the procedure whilst three of her teeth were extracted. Of course, as with our human clients, we ensured the tooth extraction was as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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